About Us

Experts in Archaeological and Heritage Issues

Our clients benefit from our wide range of knowledge and expertise, which helps deliver high-quality projects in a historically sensitive and sustainable manner.

Archaeology Matters is the UK’s largest network of archaeologists and heritage specialists. What makes us different is that we collaborate and support each other internally, so that our clients always get the best team for the job.

Our freelance specialists come from Archaeology, Historic Buildings and Architecture, Geophysical and Remote Sensing, and Conservation disciplines. Our clients see us respond quickly and decisively, as our network isn’t tied to any particular location: it’s tied to our pool of talent.

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Dr David Hickie was formerly Assistant Regional Director with English Heritage (now called Historic England) leading a team of expert archaeologists providing advice and recommendations for a wide range of development projects – before setting up Archaeology Matters.

Often we are called in to help when the local authority Conservation Officer or Planning Officer does not like your proposals or there are archaeological issues. We can help work through the issues, attend site meetings and help ensure that you can achieve a resolution of the problem.

E balcony3We can do any survey work required, prepare Written Schemes of Investigation (WSIs), undertake watching briefs and deal with any queries from the LPA Archaeologist or Conservation Officer. We can help from design to completion or just when you need us. If necessary, we can be your expert witnesses at Planning Inquiries or High Court.

Knowing how the planning system works and having over 25 years’ experience of working on the inside for English Heritage, Local Planning Authorities, the Environment Agency and County Archaeological Units – means that we can help provide quick, high-quality practical advice and solutions for your development projects.

  • Rapid Heritage and Archaeological Scoping for development projects
  • Archaeological Desk-based Assessments
  • Advice on Scheduled Monument Consent and Planning Applications
  • Archaeological Fieldwork required for developments
  • Watching Briefs on Construction Stage of Projects
  • Historic Building Surveys
  • Planning Appeals – Archaeological and Heritage Expert Witnesses

Archaeology Matters specialises in helping client’s with simple to very complex planning and development projects – and we can provide a one-stop solution for all your archaeological and heritage consultancy needs.

All our works are undertaken in accordance with the professional standards and guidance of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists.

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Phone: 01827 722153